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Ranjha Ringtone Download

Bole Kaise Ve Na Ja? Chup Maahi Chup hai Ranjha.

When you’ve finally gotten to be with the love of your life, how do you say goodbye so soon? How do you tell him just to stay a little while longer, especially if he’s leaving for a long time to serve the nation? This bittersweet feeling is sung by B Praak and Jasleen Royal in “Ranjha”, also composed by Jasleen Royal. The song is penned by Anvita Dutt as she describes what the lover would feel in this moment of separation.

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Composer: Jasleen Royal
Singers: B Praak, Jasleen Royal, Romy
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Song Arranged & Produced By: Akshay Raheja
Music Supervisor – Azeem Dayani
Associate Music Supervisor – Meggha VA Baalii
Guitars: Rohit Kulkarni, Sanjoy Das
Bass: Mohini Dey
Mixed and Mastered by: Eric Pillai (Future Sound Of Bombay)
Mixing Assistant: Michael Edwin Pillai
Special Thanks – Sumeet Kr Tyagi

Song name: Ranjha
Film: Shershaah
Amazon Prime Video Presents
A Dharma Productions & Kaash Entertainment Film
Starring Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani
Directed by Vishnu Varadhan.

Ranjha Free Ringtone Download

Ranjha Ringtone is a unique ringtone which is a part of the large family of’Ranjha Music’ app. This Ranjha song is not only meant for the one who loves dancing but it is also great for those people who are looking for a simple, cool and soothing tone for their phone. In this article, you will learn how to download Ranjha ringtone in iPod.

To share Ranjha song with your loved ones, you can make use of this Ranjha ringtone download b free music app. Download the music file from this site. Open the music file using your favorite audio/mp3 player. Tap on’rename’ option and choose’Ranjha Ringtone Download b’ as the output file format.

Now install the Ranjha song b Free music app. Select the Ranjha ringtones in the selection panel. Choose the one which suits your need.

Ranjha Ringtone Download

Finally, click on the download button. A message will appear saying’Downloading Successfully’. It takes some time to complete. Also, Ranjha ringtones are available for free in some websites and Ranjha song ringtones are available in free music sites.

The Ranjha ringtone is available free download in chup mahi chup (iphone application). You need to purchase Ranjha Ringtones through this iPhone application. Just search Ranjha ringtone in the search engine for your iPhone. If you cannot find the one you want, you may check out my blog by clicking on one of the links below.

Ranjha ringtones are the best ringtones for you iPhone. Choose the right one for you and for your partner. Ranjha song ringtones are also available for free download in several music sites. So, go ahead and download Ranjha ringtones from my blog.

To download Ranjha ringtones to your phone? Just follow these simple steps. Log into the internet. Click Ranjha ringtone download in the left panel. Select the type of the song you would like to download.

If you want Ranjha ringtones for free, simply search for Ranjha ringtone. If you want to get more information about Ranjha song selections, just click on one of the links below. I have some useful tips for you. Choose the type of the song you wish to download.

Once you have selected the Ranjha song you would like to download, just click on the ” Download Now “button. You will be asked to confirm whether you really want the Ranjha ringtone downloaded to your phone or not. Once it is downloaded, your phone will show an icon of Ranjha ringtone displayed on your screen. Click on the ringtone. It will take few minutes to finish the whole process.

Ranjha ringtones can be used with any of the Ranjha music player applications such as Mp3 Music Player, PC Optimizer, LivePC Tune Writer, Sonarox Jukebox, etc. Most of these applications support Ranjha and Jha tone downloads. Ranjha ringtones can also be converted to Jha tones. The conversion is done by clicking on the “Replace” button of the application. After the Ranjha ringtone has been replaced with the new Jha tone, your phone will sound good as new.

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Ranjha Ringtone Download

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